Back End Developer Job - Hyderabad - India
Back End Developer Job – Hyderabad – India

Here is the list of tech competencies for Back End Developer Job – Hyderabad – India. In addition to this we are looking for a dev with 3-5 years of experience.

MUST HAVE SKILLS For Back End Developer Job – Hyderabad – India

  • GraphQL (Apollo Server): A core component of our data delivery backend is GraphQL APIs
  • MySQL: A solid grasp of MySQL is a must – it’s our goto database system for managing data
  • FastAPI: We use FastAPI as the core technologies to deliver our service API’s.
  • GIT: We’re using Git for version control, so knowing how to collaborate and manage code changes using Git is essential.
  • AWS Services (Lambda, EC2, ECS, AWS RDS): Our backend relies heavily on Amazon Web Services. Knowledge of AWS Lambda, EC2, ECS, and AWS RDS is vital for our infrastructure.
  • Python: Proficiency in Python is a core requirement – it’s the main language we’re using for backend development.
  • Docker: We’re using Docker to containerize applications and ensure consistency across different environments.
  • AWS Architecture: Understanding how to architect and set up scalable systems on AWS is crucial for our project’s success.
  • Django: We are primarily using Django for building web applications.
  • Linux: Since our applications run on Linux servers, familiarity with Linux systems is a requirement.
  • Unit Testing: Must have competence on writing unit tests to ensure our code functions as expected.
  • Code Quality: Keeping our codebase clean and maintainable is important, so an understanding of code quality practices is a plus.

Nice to have:

  • Node.js: While not a must, experience with Node.js could be beneficial for certain parts of our backend.
  • CI/CD (Jenkins): If you’re familiar with setting up continuous integration and deployment pipelines with Jenkins will be a plus.
  • Nginx: While not a must, having worked with Nginx – a popular web server and reverse proxy – could be useful.
  • Restful Services: Although we’re mainly focused on GraphQL, experience with building RESTful APIs is a nice bonus.

Job Type

  • Payroll
  • Longterm (Duration)
  • Onsite Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Must have Skills

  • Fast API
  • Apollo Server
  • GraphQL
  • Unit Testing
  • Git
  • AWS
  • Django
  • MySQL
  • Python


$1 – 24 K/Year (Annual salary)